10 July 2019

GlenDronach 15yo Tawny Port Finish

Let’s have a look at the Glendronach 15yo Tawny Port Finish, a smooth and lingering expression of the distillery we all love.

Bottled in 2014 and opened immediately, this bottle survived for a long time on my shelves. The reason for that: it had its ups and downs. A delicate dram that needs the right moment for it to be just right.

Tasting notes


Sweet and candied on the nose. Fruity and juicy ranging from cherries to pineapples and peaches to grapes. Rounded by an undertone of vanilla. A bit more time reveals dried apricots and sultanas.


The palate has a smooth, cotton candy like mouthfeel. Mainly cherries and apples form the palate with a hint of soaked raisins.


Nicely balanced and medium long (if you find the right moment). Sweet fruit cake, soaked raisins, grapes, baking spices, citrus and a lingering taste of sultanas.

Tasted it side by side with the the ‘old’ Revival many times, I tend to think of it as a softer version of the Revival: less wood, less of a sherry punch, but more creamy and fruity. Very enjoyable but fragile, even at 46% ABV.