7 May 2019

GlenDronach 11yo 2006 Single Cask PX Sherry Puncheon #1979

We put another GlenDronach Single Cask to the test today. Do they ever disappoint?

Disappointment is a word that never comes to mind when tasting a single cask from one of the tastiest distilleries of Scotland (in my humble opinion). But we’ll be lying if we say everything is bliss. Some meet up to expectations others don’t, that’s what makes these bottlings so interesting.

With a little help of our friend Herbert (on Instagram) we were able to taste a majority of the Batch 16 Single Casks, this was the youngest of them. I happen to have a bunch of 11 to 13yo GlenDronach SC’s from 2003 and 2004 and I like them this way. Young, slightly drying and with enough room for the spirit to shine through as well as the magic from the cask.

This 11yo is from 2006, is bottled from a PX Sherry Puncheon and is bottled at 57.2% ABV.

Tasting notes


Lime grass, a bit spicy, almost bourbon-y, spiced cooked meat, ginger and barley.


Minerally, spicy and woody, with a lot of vanilla and red fruits and blackberries.


Cinnamon, lime, cedar, ginger and dry fruits.

This one’s quite harsh and spicy and needs a lot of warmth to tone down. I mostly like my whiskies with an edge, but for me this one lacks some smoothness. The bitter notes on the finish weren’t quite what I expected from a PX ‘Dronach.

Verdict: a whisky that I loved to try, but not their best offering in the younger single cask bottlings.

GlenDronach 11yo 2006 Single Cask PX Sherry Puncheon #1979