2 April 2018

Gordon & Macphail Speymalt Macallan 2007-2016

Let’s have something that tastes like Easter Breakfast. This is a young Macallan from Gordon & Macphail’s Speymalt range.

It’s interesting to try such a young sherried Macallan. It has rather unusual cask influences.

Tasting notes


It starts leathery on the nose with sweet and fresh aromas of melon, burnt sugar, honey and toasted bread with raspberry jam. It already sounds like an Easter breakfast, doesn’t it?


The leathery, honey taste continues on the palate, accompanied by a tingling wave of raspberry yogurt ice cream, citrus, melon, almonds and milk chocolate.


The finish is interesting too: waxy and soft, fruity and nutty, cedar wood and almond paste.

It’s soft and gentle and not something you’d expect when picking a young sherried Macallan. It’s a bottle containing lots of tasting fun, that’s for sure!