30 January 2019

Bunnahabhain 18yo

Can you believe we haven’t properly reviewed this one before? Well, time to change that fact today.

While my love for Bunna is enormous, I must admit that the first time I tasted the 18yo was roughly a year or two ago. The packaging has changed, and rumor has it that the spirit has changed a bit as well. But I can’t confirm that, since I’ve nothing left to compare.

So, these tasting notes are completely fresh, without comparison:

Tasting notes


Salty fudge, kiwi, sea salt and red fruits. Slightly nutty and mineral.


Creamy, sweet and chocolaty, fresh sea salt notes, citrus and pineapple.


A candied sweetness, accompanied by salty notes and a warm whiff of oak and sherry influence.

A fine dram, it’s tasty, gentle and sweet. I did expect it to be a tad more sticky and syrupy, it would be nice if the ABV of 46.3% was somewhat higher. But I can imagine this is fine for the regular whisky drinker, who picks the 18yo for its gentleness.

I don’t think this would become a staple in my own collection though, not because it’s not good (because it definitely is), but more because I like my Bunna a bit more daring. Sightly more rough so you will.

What about you? Have you tasted the ‘old’ and the new Bunnahabhain 18yo? And do you always have one at hand?