16 November 2020

Glengoyne 12yo

We consider ourselves very lucky, both growing up in the early nineties. Born and raised in the Netherlands during prosperous times and in a safe environment. How different it was to our grandparents, born before or during the Second World War, or is to the less fortunate people today.

But time keeps on changing, highs and lows in this rollercoaster life. The older we get, the faster life goes, and sometimes it’s difficult to keep all the plates spinning. Trying to keep a healthy balance between our family, friends and work. Every day.

Work hard, play hard. Words to live by. Drinking whisky is something we do to unwind after busy days. It’s a good thing to take a few steps back, and to clear our minds. You don’t have to rush things. Patience is rewarded as our friends say at Glengoyne, unhurried since 1833.

Tasting notes


Hazelnut to start with, leather and honey. Barley, milk chocolate and red velvet cake. Chickpeas, mashed apples, orchard fruits, pineapple and salty fudge in the end.


Very rich with minerals, tropical fruits and hazelnuts. Slightly dry and bitter on the tongue. Citrus and pineapple, a well balanced dram.


Wet raincoat, hazelnuts and young cheese. Popcorn with cinnamon for the sweet tooth. Lime zest, a bit salty as well.

This is a great dram to sit back and relax. Sometimes it’s good to lose track of time, and take a moment for yourself. Thanks to De Monnik Dranken and Glengoyne we were able to take that advice to heart.

We ask you to do the same, until we know if there’s something like the afterlife, this is the only life we have. So try to make the most of it, take that leap, speak your mind, try to change things if you’re not happy with where you are, both physically and mentally.

We’re having the time of our life with all of you, our friends in this great, great whisky community so we’d like to thank you all for your support, your patience and your precious time. Cheers!