29 October 2018

Balblair 1999 3rd Release

Balblair is a distillery which I personally overlooked for far too long. Sure I knew it exists, but I never really gave it proper attention. But when I saw a reasonably priced bottle somewhere in a store, I simply took a chance and bought it.

This 1999 3rd Release has matured on bourbon barrels and sherry butts, which is something I quite enjoy lately. I didn’t have any expectations whatsoever, those are the tastings I prefer:

Tasting notes


Sweet and soft, with notes of strawberry, honey, dried fruits, spicy wood, apricot, raisins, cake and a whiff of citrus.


Soft and creamy, spicy oak, chocolate raisins, orange and cinnamon.


Winter spices, red fruits, orange peel, cinnamon, raisins, leather, honey and ginger cookies.

It’s incredibly approachable and enjoyable. Many soft fruity notes are accompanied by a rich spicy oak sweetness with a creamy mouthfeel. Nothing really special, but this is one of those bottles you can grab in any casual occasion, or when you’re out of inspiration and just need something tasty.

It’s well crafted and with the convenient price of around 60 euros in mind, this sure is worth an 87.