5 December 2019

Arran Amarone Cask Finish

The Arran Amarone Cask Finish, one of the first bottles we owned (the one with the purple label), and recently we got to rediscover this one in a different packaging (the one on the photo). And now Arran has changed its identity again, so we might get to take another photo soon.

But that’s no punishment, it’s quite the lovely dram!

Tasting notes




Caramelized apple, orange jam, cake, dark chocolate, cherry


Tropical and salty, fruity with cherry, apple and pineapple


Spicy wood and citrus, a hint of cherry and other red fruits, tropical, salty, chocolate, a slight hint of nuts and a whiff of pear

The typical fruity and coastal Arran style is beautifully enhanced by the sweet spicyness of the amarone cask. Not one for at the end of a wild tasting session, rather a great starter or a gentle sipper for by the fireplace on a cold december night. The 50% ABV is convenient, so you can play with warmth to let the dram develop its nice but subtle flavours.