18 January 2020

Aberlour 12yo Double Cask Matured

A classic in a renewed packaging. The Aberlour 12yo is a good showcase of typical Speyside notes, with some extra warmth coming from the second maturation on sherry casks.

It’s been a while since we’ve tasted this one, so when this new year’s gift by Aberlour arrived on the doorstep we couldn’t be more thrilled. Thanks guys! Now let’s see if it’s still the dram we loved back when we just started our journey:

Tasting notes


Cherry and apple juice, fine malt, pineapple pear and a watery spiciness.


Although a bit thin, it offers a nice mouthfeel, it’s smooth and creamy, has some spiced apples, cherries and fine oak. A good amount of malty notes with a hint of cinnamon.


Sweet fruits, lots of cinnamon and apples and cherries, some basic vanilla and malty notes to balance it a bit. There’s spice, there’s apricots and there’s a surprising hint of popcorn.

Good to know that this is a dram we can continue to rely on. The ABV of 40% is a flaw in our eyes. We would’ve loved a little bump to let’s say 43 or 45% to make the palate feel a little less watered down. Good value for money still, and a solid way to introduce a non-whisky-drinker to this wonderful world of scotch. Hard to go wrong on this one!