13 February 2022

The Whistler – P.X. I Love You

Whether you’re having someone special, or trying to seduce Cupid into finally aiming his arrow to your secret love. There’s always a reason for gifting whisky. And we have a striking one right here.

This is the The Whistler – P.X. I Love You. This single malt drop of the Irish is distilled by Boann distillery who produce the entire whiskey from malt to bottle. Such an approach requires some love and craftmanship, and we think this whisky doesn’t lack any. The whiskey has matured on bourbon barrels, before being finished in PX sherry casks for at least 6 to 9 months. The exact age is unknown, but the taste suggests is a fairly young one. However, the triple distillation takes the edges off and the sherry finish makes it even more rounded, like a sweet Valentine’s kiss.

Tasting notes


A white Magnum, sweet grains, raisins and grapes, some butter, baking flower and a hint of fresh hotdogs.


The palate is crisp and woody, but also offers some round sweet notes of white chocolate and raisins.


The finish is somewhat milky and very coffee liqueur like, with a nice touch of espresso and brown sugar. A hint of young wood shines through with even some hints of peppercorn sauce.

Maybe a little bit young, but a very pleasant and quite uncommon whiskey altogether. I’m sure that between a box of chocolates and this bottle, this would win to steal the heart of your loved one. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Whistler – P.X. I Love You