12 November 2018

The Dalmore – Cigar Malt Reserve

Smoking kills. But does smoking kill the dram? Depends on who you’re asking. We don’t pair cigars with whisky a lot, but so now and then it’s something we do, especially when it pairs well. In the case of this Dalmore it does, the cigar and the dram enhance each other.

Ever smelled someone smoking a cigar at a coffee table? Well, now you’re imaging it: Bring in the Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve and a good cigar. This Dalmore is good without, but not thát good, and it wasn’t intended to go alone. To be honest, we don’t even like Dalmore‘s core range, but this mixture of bourbon barrels and 30yo Metusalem sherry casks do something special. Here’s our clean tasting note, without a cigar:

Tasting notes


Deep and complex, warm coffee, fruits and chocolate, dried fruits later on, with vanilla biscuits.


Soft, fruity and juicy, pineapple, spiced oak and fresh plums.


Compared to the palate it’s a lot warmer, spicy dried fruits, orange zest, honeyed raisins and a slight bitterness of pure chocolate.

We like this Dalmore, not a lot though, but it’s very decent. What’s your experience with Dalmore? Anything we must try that could fuel our love?