14 May 2019

Glen Garioch Founder’s Reserve

Heather, earth and perfume… yes we’re talking about Glen Garioch today!

We don’t see Glen Garioch featured very often online, but it always has a special place on our shelf. Not because their core range is mind-blowingly good, but more because it offers a unique taste and good value for money. The 12yo was one of our first whiskies and it’s still one of the top picks at the blind tastings we give. Especially when we leave out peated whiskies, because those are almost always the winners (ugh, boring!).

Today, we’re featuring the whisky that’s a step below the 12yo in terms of the price: Founder’s Reserve. It states no age and has matured on bourbon casks. Bottled at 48% but sadly with a fake colour:

Tasting notes


Earth, rose petals, lavender, and old closet, mothballs, cardboard, cherries, vanilla, cake and perfume. Grandmother, is that you?


Wood, baking spices, cherry, sultanas, burlap, earth and vanilla.


A spicy finish with warm cherries, spiced oak, dry flowers, an old book, cake, earthy, Belgian pralines and lavender.

There’s no doubt about it; this is a Glen Garioch. It always feels dusty and old, with lots of heathery notes. The cherries and sultanas almost trick us into thinking a wee sherry casks was involved, but as far as we know that isn’t the case.

Although we prefer the bourbon/sherry combi in the 12yo, this one is definitely worth checking out.  Especially since you can pick up a litre for little more than € 30,-

Glen Garioch Founder’s Reserve