28 April 2023

Teeling Sommelier Slection Douro Old Vines Casks

Teeling has managed to become a solid staple in our collection in the last couple of years. This is not only due to the generosity the team displays in offering samples of their latest creations, but also because they consistently impress with whiskies that are both experimental and meticulously crafted.

This new release is a part of a series, and a perfect example of the above. They began with the already georgeous Teeling Small Batch, and elevated it by employing red wine casks from Portugal’s Douro Valley for maturation. Comprising 75% corn and 25% malted barley, the standard small batch is quite smooth; however, this variant surpasses even that. The palate is so soft, that we tend to forget that it’s whiskey we are tasting here. This makes it a perfect dram for the upcoming summer months.

Tasting notes


Plums, forest fruits, and corn with parsnip, oak, grass and cinnamon make an interesting combination of freshness and sweetness.


The palate is silky smooth, with strawberry jam and winegums.


Sweet grains, warm wood and a long lasting tail of sweet winey notes, with strawberry, lavender and a very distant hint of smoke.

Nailing the perfect balance with wine casks is challenging, but we’re confident in setting aside any assumptions when it comes to Teeling.

While not every expression has been to our taste, we have yet to experience one where the cask selection failed to fit the character that they tried to achieve.

Teeling Sommelier Slection Douro Old Vines Casks