11 February 2019

Singold Cask Strength

Our German neighbours have quite the amount of distilleries. Many of them are still unknown to us, but Singold distillery contacted us and kindly sent us a sample of the cask strength expression of their classic whisky.

The Singold distillery lies on the left of Munich in the Bavarian Alpine foothills. They use local barley and water from a close nature reserve and claim to make whisky in its purest form without rushing it.

It sounds calm and soothing, let’s see if it mirrors the taste of the whisky. It’s bottled at 58.1% and has rested in bourbon casks for an unknown amount of years.

Tasting notes


Bourbon spices, oak, vanilla, grainy honey and yoghurt, like a good and healthy breakfast.


Pretty oily and full, with clear notes of honey, banana, sticky toffee pie and grains.


Burnt caramel, a huge flavour of granola bars, dried cranberries, blackberries, spicy wood and dates. It also tastes much like tea, that’s something we haven’t encountered before.

Imagine yourself sitting in an Alpine cabin, with a mug of strong tea, eating a bowl of yoghurt with honey and granola, ready to go out for a hike. That’s pretty much how we feel when tasting this whisky. It funnily feels very German, a different experience when you’re used to scotch but we’ve recognized this in for example Slyrs. It’s a no nonsense whisky which is not particularly refined, but it definitely stills your hunger.