14 June 2021

Port Charlotte MRC: 01 2010

If there is one distillery who releases whisky for all tastes, it must be the Bruichladdich distillery. Who doesn’t know about Octomore or the classic Laddie? We have to say, the ‘regular’ expressions are somewhat tame in our eyes, but they’re doing a fantastic job when it comes to Octomore or Port Charlotte. We just love the fact they dare to experiment which results in amazing whisky.

This Port Charlotte MRC: 01 is part of the ‘Cask Exploration Series’ and lives up to its name. First fill American oak, second fill French wine cask, only to age a little bit more in French Bordeaux casks to put in that little extra and boy, that pays off.

We have various examples of where the peat x wine combination doesn’t work and literally kills the dram. None of that is happening in this interesting bottle because they’ve put in so much effort to create this masterpiece, here are our tasting notes:

Tasting notes


Watercolour, a bit sandy and banana. It really has some custard and yoghurt. A weird but pleasant mixture of green soap, garlic, citrus and aloë vera. Of course, the peat is well represented. We often forget to write down ‘peat’ because it is so obvious and we always try to dig deeper into the aromas and flavours.


A mouthful of sweet notes with grapes, berries and banana. A lot of red fruits as well, minerally, peat and some fish oil. You can easily add a few drops of water because of the 59.2% abv.


Monchou pie, a lot of butter and biscuits. Peat, cherries and metal. Charred meat, chlorine and rubber. Sweet and savoury notes alternate. Fish oil, salty notes and beer batter in the end.

See, nothing is overdone in this whisky, it is a complex puzzle but all of the pieces are fitting in. We encountered some ‘weird’ tasting notes but it all made sense at the end. This is such a phenomenal whisky!

We’re very curious if you have tried this dram and if so, if you discovered the same or other interesting tasting notes. Let us know!