25 March 2019

Macallan 12yo

Let’s do a classic on this Macallan Monday, the 12yo Sherry Oak.

It’s a fine Macallan, a nicely balanced gentleman which never hurts. One to pour a little too much of when you don’t need anything fancy.

Tasting notes


Subtle notes of cherry and apple, old wood and red currants.


The palate opens up gently with soft hints of sherried oak, vanilla and dark fruits.


The finish is short to medium, feels a bit darker than the nose and palate, with notes of red fruits, walnuts and a slight bitterness of dark chocolate.

Like I said it’s nothing fancy, but pleasant nonetheless. With a higher strength it could have been a killer dram. For the price you can get many better options, but tonight we choose to solely enjoy what’s in the glass without thinking about price too much. We’ve already paid for it after all.