16 October 2022

Mac-Talla Strata 15yo by Morrison

It’s been 1,5 years since we got introduced to Morrison’s Mac-Talla. A series of independently bottled Islay malt(s) that reflect the Morrison’s family’s ties with Islay. One of the best places to be, if you ask us.

This 15 years old Mac-Talla Strata is a single malt bottling of bourbon and 10-15% Oloroso sherry casks. A nice bourbon to sherry ratio, since it lets the roughened Islay character through, while providing a touch of elegance. Combine that with a minimum of 15 years of maturation and 46% ABV and this of what you get:

Tasting notes


Band aids, wet lucifers, a bonfire and the smell you get when you smash two stones together. Then there’s some old women’s perfume, mashed apples and sweet smoked barley, with a touch of citrus.


A smooth mouthfeel, with the taste of sea salt, licorice root, apples, barley and rocks.


The finish is sweet and savoury, with onion rings and smoked meat. It has a damp hint of church benches, candles and cinnamon. before drying off into struck lucifers and a smoky fireplace.

This malt has an old character to it, overall it’s pretty dry, but is has some great vivid layers that come and go like waves crashing onto the shore. A totally different experience than the cask strength Mac-Talla Mara, with its bold, salty and fruity body. It makes it a wonderful duo and shows perfectly how varied Islay whiskies can be.

Mac-Talla Strata 15yo by Morrison