25 June 2020

Laphroaig Lore

The first time we tasted Laphroaig Lore, we were disappointed. It lacked complexity and tasted too peppery for our taste. So this bottle was -quite unintentionally- banished to the back of the cabinet.

Only to find its way back when our good friend Stefan brought it along during one of our tasting nights. Still remembering our first encounter, we began tasting. And behold, it was actually tasty! Maybe some time in the bottle mellowed the harsh taste and brought out some nice fruity flavours. Not the best Laphroaig we’ve tasted, but definitely not the worst:

Tasting notes


Licorice root, pineapple, peaches, wood, salt, smoke and peated barley


A continuation of the noce with some old Dutch licorice candies and damp oak


Licorice again, slightly peppery and a long wave of pineapple juice

We remember Stefan paying around €80 for it, maybe that was also part of the disappointment back then. With a recent price of €60 we think it’s slightly better, but still a bit steep for what you get. However, Laphroaig always seems to bring our minds back to Islay, so that’s worth something, isn’t it?