8 April 2018

Kilchoman Red Wine Cask Matured

Let’s review another wine matured whisky. Most of you have seen this one passing by, it’s the limited edition Kilchoman Red Wine Cask Matured.

The wine casks that had been used are Portuguese and this 5 year old whisky is bottled at a good 50%. That’s slightly higher than Kilchoman’s standard ABV. I was quite excited when this bottle was announced, so I was really happy when I managed to find one out of 7000 bottles. Let’s go tasting this badass, red hued beauty.

Tasting notes


The nose is dark, woody, spicy and offers a nice whisp of smoke. It’s the typical Kilchoman smoke we get here: floral and warming, with a hint of pear.


The palate is full, syrupy and complex. Complex you say? Let’s find out what’s so complex about it. Wow, here we go with lots of honey coated ribs on a barbecue. It’s sweet and savory, with red fruits, stewed pears and cinnamon.


While I enjoy this incredible taste, the finish knocks on the door. Hi there: smoke, grapes and pear. It’s so beautifully crafted and it feels very adult for a 5yo whisky (age doesn’t matter, Kilchoman has proven that every single time). The finish is long and sweet, but it’s on another level than sherry matured whiskies, it’s more spicy, salty and oaky with a cinnamon aftertaste.

This is another one of those heavenly drams. Here’s our score: 91/100. Damn, that feels good!