9 April 2018

Caol Ila 12yo

An all-time favourite, this beautiful Caol Ila 12. This was one of our first discoveries from Islay, a long time ago, and we have never forgotten it.

Tasting notes


Smoky, toffee, light fruits, floral notes and charred meat.


Ashes, campfire, salty bacon, definitely a light and fresh whisky with hints of vanilla and pear. Some tar and light peat give this whisky a great balance.


Tropical sweetness fading into the more ‘islay-like’ dark and smoky flavours. But is stays on the lighter side.

If you’re discovering the whisky’s from Islay, make sure you check out Caol Ila, we think it has great character. Intense and rich, but not too heavy. Makes you craving for another dram. This is also a very good one to begin your peated journey with, along with Bowmore!