13 February 2019

Glengoyne – The Legacy Series Chapter One 2019

A new global limited release by Glengoyne. It is, or will be soon widely available. We’ve spent some time with it, so allow us to let you know our thoughts.

This is the first edition of a yearly release, that showcases the history of the distillery. Chapter One sadly lacks an age statement, but my personal guess is that it has matured for around 7 or 8 years. It has matured exclusively on first-fill Oloroso sherry casks, is non-chill-filtered and bottled at a convenient 48% ABV.

This chapter highlights the use of sherry casks and Glengoyne’s slow distillation process. Slow distillation roughly means: less sulphur and more fruity notes.

Tasting notes


The nose is a bit sharp at first, but let it breathe for a while, warm it up in your hands or add a dash of water to release the leather, brown bread, vanilla, cinnamon rolls, sultanas, honey, red fruits and apricots.


Spicy and a bit peppery (chili peppers) on the tongue. It feels young, but it has enough complexity to keep us entertained. With a little patience some nice flavours of orchard fruits, sultanas, dried cranberries and wood peek around the corner. There’s a hint of candy bananas too.


The apples and banana make way for a warming finish, which starts spicy and dry, with cinnamon, raisins bread, spicy wood and peppery sherry. After a little break, some aromas of red fruits and raisins develop in the aftertaste.

Definitely not bad, but I think it could’ve spent some more years to get rid of the chili notes. Unless you’re a fan of that of course. The peppery mouthfeel stands in the way of the fruity flavours of which this chapter is all about. But a little water and patience do the trick to enjoy it nonetheless.

One thing’s for sure: this whisky demands an unhurried approach!


Glengoyne – The Legacy Series Chapter One 2019