28 May 2020

Glenglassaugh PX Sherry Finish

This Glenglassaugh PX Sherry Finish might me one of the juiciest drams in our cabinet. It doesn’t take much to appreciate it, if you’re a sweet tooth like us, at least.

It’s bottled at 46% and that’s just perfect. The whisky is oily and and offers a wide arrange of tropical flavours, along with some darker hints, and it only sets you back 50 euros.

Tasting notes


Cigar box, beeswax, saw dust, cherry yohgurt, cheesecake, winegums, port, banana, sugary, coconut


Candy, soaked raisins, sweet spices, fruit cake and cherry juice


Raisins, sweet, friendly, full, smooth, yoghurt, hazelnuts, chocolate, tobacco

A lot of whisky’s ask for a particular mood or setting to fully shine, but this we can drink all day everyday!