11 June 2019

Glenfarclas 105

Value for money, bang for your buck, call it what you will, but Glenfarclas 105 definitely falls into this category. Last week we talked about a Bowmore 10yo (Dark & Intense) at €35 for a liter and how it still managed to leave little to no impression. A liter bottle of Glenfarclas 105 however, goes for €30 and leaves a huge impression.

I don’t want to make the comparison with Aberlour A’bunadh too much, because this Glenfarclas hasn’t solely matured on sherry casks, but it’s hard to deny the fact that this might be one of its best alternatives, considering it comes at half the cost. Glenfarclas 105 is referring to ‘105 proof’, which is the British equivalent of 60% ABV. There’s no age statement.

Tasting notes


Old fashioned gumballs, spicy dried fruits, pineapple, orchard fruits, pecan, sultanas, barley, farmy and warming.


At first, it tingles your tongue because of the high ABV, you’ll get used to it after an extra sip or two. Dried yellow fruits, perfume, spicy wood, vanilla and red fruits.


Dry, oaky, chocolaty and fruity with apricot, wet rocks, black cherries, sultanas and yellow raisins.

Tip: if you warm your glass in the palm of your hand, the alcohol burn fades away to reveal a bunch of great notes. Adding water does the trick too, but it weakens the complexity a bit too much for our liking.

A must have? Maybe not. A must try? Definitely! It pairs well with a cigar too!