5 January 2021

Glen Spey 30yo 1987 – Dunes an Òir

How often do you buy, or even taste a 30 years old whisky? We certainly do very rarely.

When we came across this bottle by one of our favourite bottlers and whisky shops, we didn’t hesitate for too long. This 30yo Glen Spey by Malts of Scotland was bottled for the 50th anniversary of Van Zuylen in The Hague. It’s been three years and the bottle is long gone, but as you might know: I alway keep a sample, so it’s about time we reviewed this one.

It’s drawn from a refill sherry hogshead and bottled at cask strength, but the angels left us only 41% ABV. That doesn’t scare us away, since that often offers a very concentrated taste. Not always, but this one sure does:

Tasting notes


Raisins, apple syrup and lots of berries. Emptied sherry bottles and espresso.


Full, thick and warming, dried red fruits and raisins, soaked wood.


The finish is old, earthy and downright wonderful with walnuts, hazelnuts, red fruits, tutti-frutti, tobacco and maple syrup.

This is everything I look for in a sherried whisky. One of my favourites in this category is the Glengoyne 21yo, but I’d happily trade 2 bottles of that for another one of this Glen Spey, which went for ‘just’ €150. An oldskool price for an oldskool killer of a whisky.

Glen Spey 30yo 1987 – Dunes an Òir