30 July 2018

Frysk Hynder Cognac Cask

Although Scotch is mostly our way to go if it comes to drinking whisky, we can not simply ignore the fact that our mostly beer-drinking  country makes pretty decent whisky.

We have Millstone for example, that’s easily the best distillery out here. But let’s not ignore Frysk Hynder. Frysk Hynder is made in the ‘Us Heit Distillery’ in Frisia, which is located in the North of the Netherlands. We booked a distillery tour and a tasting at the distillery, and visited a Metal festival the same weekend. There’s no better combination if you ask us.

Our tour and tasting was scheduled for 10 AM, because it’s never too early for some wee drams. We tasted their core range which includes only two expressions: a Red Wine and a Cognac Cask matured whisky.

Tasting notes


Very warming, heavy cognac notes, candy cane, raspberry and oak


Lots of candy again, floral and warm fruity notes


Vanilla ice cream, warm fruits, cognac, caramel, dried fruits, nuts and raisins

A piece of candy in a bottle, which blends perfectly well with a spicy cigar. We think this whisky is an excellent bottle to try for those who have a sweet tooth. Although it’s Cask Strength, the ABV of 48% wouldn’t suggest that, pretty surprising, it makes us wonder if it’s really the case.

But the taste is what matters, and I’m sure of it: whether it’ll fit your taste or not, you’ll have to try this one once in your life, because the chance it great that you haven’t had anything like it. It’s one of a kind!

Frysk Hynder Cognac Cask