14 February 2020

Millstone Special No. 14 Peated American Oak Moscatel Finish

I love experimental distilleries. How small the Dutch Zuidam Distillery might be, they sure keep us entertained with special releases of Millstone whisky. And an entertaining dram this is!

This expression is peated and has matured on American Oak for around 3 years, before being transferred into Moscatel casks, for a further 14 months.  The result is something that has similarities with the older bottlings of Linkwood 15yo by Gordon & Macphail:

Tasting notes


Warming and nutty, with hints of grape, cream and vanilla, with a hint of salted meat.


Creamy and tropical at first, with pineapples and grapes, before changing into pistachio and strawberries with just a small trace of peat.


Pistacho and strawberries again (just like G&M Linkwood 15), white grapes, some tobacco, a salty hint of smoke and drying oak.

This is an intriguing dram, with lots of flavours that you don’t find often in a whisky. The meaty Millstone character fits the bright and warming influences of the casks perfectly. The nose is great, but the palate and finish could’ve been more full and rounded. We’re a fan of this dram nonetheless. If you’re looking for something different, try this one, you won’t be disappointed.


Millstone Special No. 14 Peated American Oak Moscatel Finish