3 May 2021

Cù Bòcan Trio – Introduction

This week is about the current Cù Bòcan range. A trio of their Signature malt and the first two experimental Creations which are an exploration of pretty unusual cask combinations. More about them later.

To make things a little more fun, we came up with an idea to review these expressions. Dennis has tasted the line in order of presentation. Dion is tasting them blind and makes predictions on which is which. We will merge our notes and findings to come up with our honest thoughts on the range.

Cù Bòcan is a lightly peated (15ppm) Highland single malt, produced in the winter at the Tomatin distillery. Cù Bòcan means ‘Ghost Dog’ in Gaelic, it is believed that this hellhound has haunted the distillery’s site and surrounding village. Pretty scary, but we were assured that the whisky itself is as friendly as it gets, and given the looks of the bottles, we believe that. We’ll find out the coming days!