22 March 2018

Ardbeg Uigeadail

Ardbeg Uigeadail, do we need to say more?

For me this is the go to whisky for moments where the music is loud (happens a lot) and you just need a punch in the face (not literally of course). It’s a great palate scrambler, I often use it to open up my taste buds. And it sure does… It’s heavy, but also so rounded and complex. The fantastic Ardbeg 10yo is for when I’m relaxed. I’d almost say: “There’s an Ardbeg for that!” but we’re not working for Apple.

Tasting notes


On the nose there are aromas of salty kippers on a hot, smoky BBQ, coffee and tobacco notes, apricots, citrus, crayons, and sometimes a vague hint of salty peanut butter!


The palate is robust, complex, drying, mineral, sweet and peaty. There are lots of metal notes (hence the loud music), sherry infused oak, burning hay and citrus.


And then, the grand finale, which is full, thick and drying, with lots of peat smoke and cooked fruits, apricots and strawberries, the sulphur and burnt rubber notes are greatly tamed by the fruity sherry flavours.

If you like it heavy sometimes, this one should always be on your shelf. And in your glass of course!