2 August 2020

Lagavulin 12yo Special Release 2019

There she stands, with her pale skin, her light hazel eyes, her curvy body pleasing to the eye. I’m a difficult man to impress, but this was love at first sight.

Lagavulin is not very high on my list anymore. I’ll admit, I was pretty unimpressed by our previous encounters. I tried, I went all out, but lost my interest over time. Until I found her. So we met the other evening, she looked stunning as always. I was a shy guy, in fact, I still am. But my strategy is the attack, now and any other time. We went for a drink, obviously.

Still I took a more cautious approach, looks can be deceiving you know. But a few sips in I learned that her personality is just as beautiful as her looks. She is one in a million.

Tasting notes


Salted cured ham, banana, fresh tuna, copper nails, soldering iron, sparklers, barley, fresh wood, salty, medicinal, smoky, rusk and rubber


Dry, bananas, garlic, oily, aniseed,  tropical flavours a very rich palate


Oily, rich and long finish, banana, garlic, ham, salty, smoky, grilled bell pepper, pizza Hawaï

Okay, we barely got to know each other, but from the very first moment I just knew, we belong together. We’re going to make beautiful memories, I’ll let her meet my friends and family. We’re going to live a long and happy life. Until death do us part.

Lagavulin 12yo Special Release 2019