21 September 2022

anCnoc 12yo

Once again @monnikdranken delivered something on our doorstep we haven’t tasted before. After all those years you might expect that we have had most of the core ranges in our whisky collection but we’re glad to say we have not. We’re working on it though.

You see, this anCnoc is an interesting whisky. Surely they’ve created this dram using traditional and centuries-old methods, but it turned out to be lighter-tasting, refreshing modern single malt. Sounds promising aye?

During our decade we’ve been in this wonderful world of whisky, we’ve encountered so many scents and flavours. Some right up our alley, some not so much. The thing is, we need to know that we’re dealing with whisky at the first smell. This anCnoc 12 years old is not wasting any time. Here’s what we thought of it:

Tasting notes


Rich, orchard fruit, barley and creamy vanilla. Some honey is hiding in the background.


Subtle and smooth on the palate, with pineapple and creamy butterscotch.


Forest fruits, peaches and a bit floral. Apple cake, lime and bourbon. Somewhat bitter towards the end.

You can tell at first smell, this is Scotch. But we’re looking for something more. Maybe this isn’t completely meeting our needs when it comes to a rich palate, but the rest of the beautiful range is a-nocking on our door, get it? A-nocking.