17 May 2019

Tomatin 18yo

Let’s throw in a statement: Tomatin 18yo is near perfect and the price for this Highlander even more so.

I try not to exaggerate, but this bottle keeps making me smile. I’ve always had a thing for Tomatin and its approachable pricing, but it seems to struggle to get to the larger audience. If you haven’t looked into anything from the (age stated) Tomatin core range yet, please do, you’ll thank me later.

What we have here, is the 18yo Oloroso-sherry matured Tomatin, which is bottled at 46%. The price we pay lies around €60 which is a real bargain considering the taste. It’s on point:

Tasting notes


Baking spices, warm, toffee, dried fruits and honey.


Incredibly soft and creamy mouthfeel. Sweet fruits pounding on the tongue, with an earthy and nutty layer on top.


A long, spicy and warming finish, a galore of dried fruits (apples and raisins), orange peels, pure chocolate. Slightly drying and darker on the tail.

This Tomatin is so pleasant to drink, that you’ll almost forget that there’s alcohol involved. Very well balanced, no bitterness and the fruity notes are vibrant and warming at the same time. Despite it’s softness, it survives and gets even better after a flight of (unpeated as well as peated) violence.

If you’re looking for something in the dark sherrybomb category, go for GlenDronach 18 or 21. If you like it more fruity: Tomatin 18yo is one of the best options in my humble opinion.