8 February 2019

The experience of blind tasting

How often do you know what whisky is in your glass before you taste it? In other words; have you ever tried blind tasting?

We strongly believe in our so-called blind tastings, It’s not just whisky that you are tasting. Ok, technically it is, but there’s more than just the dram. Forget the name, age-statement, cask or any other tasting notes that are stated on the bottle or online, it’s just you and your thoughts.

Experience your dram, how does it smell? Like a sunny morning in May? Like a walk in the park in October? Does it remind you of the perfume on your first date? Or of the toolbox in your grandpa’s garage?

See, it has nothing to do with any scents or flavours that has been told to you initially. They will pop up in your mind, but are subservient to your experience.

Do the flavours remind you of a sailing trip with your family? Freshly mowed grass? That one time you did a cave-tour in France? You are living the dr(e)am. A lot of whiskies take us back to our trip to Islay last year. The smell of barley which is chasing you around the island, the peat fields and the fresh sea breeze. I close my eyes and I can almost hear the lovely Scottish accent.

Please do yourself a favour and ask someone to pour a wee dram for you, without yourself knowing what is poured, sit back, relax, take your time and let the liquor take you back in time, write down your findings, your feelings, and let us know!

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