3 August 2018

A warm welcome at Lagavulin Distillery

Now this is what you call a warm welcome. Walking up to the distillery with the red chimney, Louise (our tourguide) was already there to offer us a wee dram. Is it rude to refuse the offer? We didn’t refuse.. just to be sure.

Each distillery has it’s own tasting room, and it depends on your personal preferences which you will like the most. The tasting room at the Lagavulin Distillery doesn’t have the sea view like, for example, Bowmore has.
What we experienced at Lagavulin was a nice and cosy living-room-like setting. With different tables and seats, so you could discuss your tasting notes with another whisky-loving lad or lass. And that’s the most important in our opinion.

Have you ever been to Lagavulin or are you planning to? We’d love to hear your stories!