15 December 2023

Teeling Small Batch SB/77 2023

In 2019, we tasted our first Teeling Small Batch. According to the creators, some things have changed since then, so it’s time to update our knowledge with a fun comparison.

We compared the 2019 version (batch 02/2019) with the latest batch (SB/77). The biggest difference is the duration of the rum finish (that’s currently 12-18 months). There has also been a shift from Nicaraguan rum barrels to a mix of Central American rum barrels, although this is not the case in this comparison; they are both Central American.

What immediately struck us was how full and rounded the latest batch is, in a certain sense you notice a shift from the more grainy notes to a basket of fruit. The 2019 batch has more hints of glue and wood and is a lot more subtle. They’re both very tasty, but also offer quite a different experience.

Let’s dive into our notes for the latest batch. You can find our notes on the first one on our website.

Tasting notes


Fruity, great hints of apple juice and bananas. Lots of coconut too. There’s a savoury hint of garlic/onion.


Summer-like sweet and fresh, mainly ripe apples that form the basis. On top there’s coconut, oak and cherry pits.


Lovely hints of grains, apple peels and cashew nuts. Some wood shavings and New York cheese cake.

We really liked this batch. Especially for its entry level price. Years of honing and refining have definitely had their effect. See you in 4 years?