19 May 2023

Talisker X Parley: ‘Wilder Seas’

A week ago, we were delighted to receive this handsome bottle of whisky. And not just any whisky, but a product of an inspiring collaboration between Talisker and Parley for the Oceans, an organization dedicated to the preservation of our world’s oceans. The result is the Talisker X Parley: Wilder Seas.

The first thing to note is the bottle’s striking design. It is crafted from 100% recycled glass, bearing a ceramic decoration to reduce labeling. The design features topographic lines inspired by Skye’s coastline, a beautiful homage to the sea, which is central to the partnership between Talisker and Parley.

Upon pouring, it’s impossible to ignore the classic Talisker character that comes through the whisky’s aroma and flavor. But there’s something extra in the Wilder Seas edition, a warming twist that’s quite distinctive.

This additional layer of complexity is introduced by the XO cognac casks used for finishing. The cognac notes perfectly interweave with the maritime character of Talisker. Let’s delve into our tasting notes, shall we:

Tasting notes


Mashed apples, a warming glow of ripe orchard fruits and grapes, with a whiff of soft sweet peat. There’s shortbread and fudge, but it remains crisp.


Salty and briny and warming taste. Nice wooden tones with grapes and plums. The peat smoke is signature Talisker. Like a bonfire on a beach in the distance. Warming barley tingles on the tongue while it brings us to the finish.


The finish is rather crisp and clear, very elegant in our opinion. The peat and salt are nicely integrated with the subtle sweetness, which mainly resembles stone fruits. The aftertaste is very lively and lighthearted. A nice combination of fresh and sweet!

The world of whisky is as vast and varied as the seas this bottle aims to protect. But without a doubt, we believe this bottle is a voyage worth embarking on! Even just considering its price (around €80), this Talisker is certainly worth a try. On top of that, Talisker is donating £3 from every bottle made!

Talisker X Parley: ‘Wilder Seas’