1 September 2020

Scotch & Tattoos: Caol Ila 13yo 2007-2020 by Torsten Paul Whisky Company

Here’s the third release in the Scotch & Tattoos series by Torsten Paul Whisky Company. And the first peated single malt of the three. Not only is it peated, it’s also from our beloved Caol Ila distillery, what could go wrong?

The label for this 13yo bourbon matured Caol Ila is again wonderfully designed, and quite colourful compared to the other two. The liquid couldn’t have been more different either. After two sherry bombs we now have this vibrant and clear whisky with some good layers of fruit and smoke:

Tasting notes


Quite the fruit salad, with aromas of melon, white grape, sauvignon blanc, banana, lychees, tangerine, apple juice and creamy butter. Another layer reveals delicate smoke, a bowling alley, sugary barley, fresh cotton, licorice and peppermint.


Rugged, intense, citrusy and heavily peated at first, with a funny hint of fresh shrimps, then it opens up and the sweetness continues with wonderful hints of Danish pastries, duck sauce, orange zest, melon and candied red onions.


Peated crème brûlée (doesn’t exist yet, but chefs out here: please make it happen!), barley, bagels, melon, pain au chocolat, almond, ham, matches, cheddar, mushrooms and fried bread-crumbs. It dries into sulphur and lemon zest.

We’re always prepared for everything, especially for some crazy tasting notes, but in no way we’d expect this to be a luxury three course breakfast! A wonderful Caol Ila, which might need some water to reveal all those sweet and savoury goodness behind a firm facade of peat smoke.

Torsten, you did it again, what more do you have up your sleeve? We can’t wait to see what you’re up to mate!