29 June 2020

Bunnahabhain 2001 16yo Bn7 – Elements of Islay

Heave Ho, hoist the colours high for this Elements of Islay Bunnahabhain 16yo. Bottled at a 55.7% cask strength.

We always feel a strong connection between Bunnahabhain and the pirate’s life. Maybe it’s the location of the distillery, overlooking the Sound of Jura. Possibly it’s the prison-like look of the main square and surrounding buildings. Perhaps it’s the overall feeling you get when you visit Bunnahabhain, coming down the narrow road, seeing the leaking stills and enjoying the view on the pier.

Not to mention actually drinking Bunnahabhain, especially this Elements of Islay bottling. The bottle is looking like it’s coming straight out of a chest on a sunken vessel. But the treasure inside is what really matters.

Tasting notes


Burnt Caramel, Coffee liqueur, Orange Peel, Dark Chocolate, Red Fruits, Shipyard, Oil, Some Bourbon-like flavours are coming up as well.


Spiced Wood, Damp, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Salty, Feels like walking in an old wooden cabin.


Rubber, Spiced Wood, Malty, Herbal, Dark Chocolate, Caramel and sea salt.

Living the pirate life is not easy, we’re outlaws. Always on a hunt for treasures, escaping the gallows. But once you find hidden gems like this, It is all worth it. Find yourself a ship, assemble a crew and remember: a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

Bunnahabhain 2001 16yo Bn7 – Elements of Islay