10 October 2022

Old Perth 12yo by Morrison

Autumn has definitely arrived here in the Netherlands and after a hot and dry summer, a strange phenomenon occurs every now and then; Rain. During the summer we always tend to pour ourselves some light-hearted, mostly peated drams. It just blends so well with the higher temperatures we get in our flyspeck country nowadays.

Now that the temperature has dropped and we are gathering around the firepit, we’re looking more into the full-bodied, mostly sherried or any other mouth-watering drams. Luckily, our friends at Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers understood that message. They’ve pleased us with this Old Perth 12yo, bottled at 46%, matured in sherry casks. Winner of the Double Gold Awards in 2022 (International Spirits Challenge & IWSC 96 Points). The Morrisons contributed massively to the industry over the ages, so they would know what is up. 

Here’s what we thought of this spectacular looking dram:

Tasting notes


An incredible nose, up there with the best with cherries, marmelade, butter, salt crust, paper, carpaccio, tomatoes, burnt meat, curry, basil.


Very dry on the palate with a trace of smoke, cherries, leather and walnuts towards the finish.


The drying finish could’ve been a bit longer, but offers enough to keep us entertained, with spicy oak, dried papaya, extra dark chocolate, lime, cacao powder, and a dash of espresso with an old newspaper.

We need to say this was a difficult dram to judge as a whole, since the nose tells a different story than the palate and finish. Don’t get us wrong, it’s is a very tasty dram, we only liked to have the aromas of the nose to be slightly more explored throughout the palate. It’s a matter of preference we think. And for the retail price, you can’t deny it’s a bang for your buck. One thing is for sure, Old Perth gained our interest and we’re looking forward to what the future will bring! Make sure you check their story out over at oldperthwhisky.co.uk!

Old Perth 12yo by Morrison