15 April 2018

Laphroaig Triple Wood

Laphroaig Triple Wood offers an interesting mix of different maturations: bourbon barrels, quarter casks and Oloroso butts.

Tasting notes


This results in a warm and moisty nose, with lots of wet wood, pencil shavings, dried apricots, coal smoke, nutmeg, nutty sherry and something that resembles theatrical smoke. Well, that’s a first timer!


The palate is salty, ashy and is full of sweet and fruity smoke, charcoal, pencil shavings and citrus.


It feels very moisty, the moistness dries out in a sweet and peaty finish, with flavours of apricot, peanuts and dried fruits.

While this Laphroaig offers several medicinal notes, it’s not your typical Laphroaig. The peat, pepper and seasalt are toned down by the fruity flavours. That makes it softer and more hazy, but not particularly less of a great dram.

The theatrical smoke is a great metaphor to describe how this whisky feels: damp and smoky, with the harsh and peppery Laphroaig flavours being the spotlights that shine through. How do you feel about this whisky?