7 May 2018

Kilchoman Madeira Cask Matured

Before we continue our Islay travel, let’s have a look at this Kilchoman. We did a quick survey a few days ago to see what you’d pick, when having to choose between the Madeira, Red Wine and Port matured expressions.

Port came out on top, Madeira was a popular second choice. RW not so much. We do actually prefer the Red Wine before the Madeira, but it’s a matter of personal taste. We did a review on the Red Wine Matured on April 8th and we have to spend more time with Port before giving it a proper review, so let’s have a look at your number 2.

Tasting notes


A brown mahogany colour


It smells like how it looks: a dry, bittersweet cinnamon nose. The nose is very much like the little Italian cookies (amaretti). Dry cognac, grape, vanilla, lightly peated, nutmeg, lemon, mint and a very strong whiff of cinnamon and cedar wood.


The palate is soft and buttery, with the typical Kilchoman-style: flowers, pear and sweet peat. It’s dry, with lots of perfume and again a dominant cinnamon taste.


The finish is floral, warm and peaty, with grapes, hazelnuts, chocolate, a mix of different nuts and raisins, smoked ham and yes: cinnamon.

It’s a typical Kilchoman, but with a nice twist: The amaretti and cinnamon notes. We expected it to be a little less harsh, and to be more rounded. It’s a great experiment nonetheless and we’re happy to own a bottle. Our score: 88.