10 April 2018

Glen Moray 10 Chardonnay Cask Matured

Glen Moray 12yo was Dennis’ first real single malt ever, those were the days: whisky with big chunks of ice in a tumbler, paired with cheap cigars. I remember the taste of bananas, but back then it was mainly the alcohol we were tasting, while ruining our palate with cigars. Times have changed, a lot, and Glen Moray unintentionally faded to the background while we progressed in our journey.

Until, many years later, we joined a tasting event where Glen Moray presented their updated range. We fell in love with the bold and strong flavours of the Chardonnay finished Elgin Classic. A real must-have for a stunningly low price. With Dion owning this bottle, I decided to buy the discontinued 10yo Chardonnay Matured release, mainly out of curiosity. Would a 10 years maturation offer even more flavours than a finished NAS? The answer is no, not in this case.

Tasting notes


Champagne, orchard fruits


Coconut, floral, vanilla, citrus, smooth and creamy, syrupy


Nuts, apricots, wood, a little earthy and salty

In our post of March 24th, we already described some thoughts on white wine maturation. In comparison with the new chardonnay version, this one is far more toned down. It’s subtle, buttery and floral, with hints of coconut and fruity syrup. A great spring or summer dram and very easy to enjoy. As described earlier, the newer Chardonnay Finish is heavy and offers a variety of warming, earthy, nutty and fruity flavours.

In a time where many great whiskies are getting replaced by lesser successors, Glen Moray has surprised us with actually stepping up their game while still offering these whiskies for a real low price. This is great for beginning enthusiasts who don’t want to pay a lot for a real good dram. Glen Moray, you’re a keeper!

Have you tried their new range? And what are your thoughts on our statements above, let’s discuss!

Glen Moray 10yo Chardonnay