1 February 2021

Glen Keith 22yo 1993-2015 Cooper’s Choice

‘’Whisky is for old men’’

I (Dion) consider myself a young dog in this wonderful world of whisky. Born in 1993, I am, in fact, relatively young for being in this business. In the beginning, people always tend to take my opinion or advice about whisky with a pinch of salt because hey, what did I know? Now, what do I know?

I know, one of the perks of being an early bird is that buying whisky with my year of birth stated on the bottle does not cost a fortune, not yet that is. I have a few ‘1993’ bottles on my shelf and, ‘sadly’, they’re all open and about to get killed. Whisky is for drinking right? I just couldn’t resist.

There aren’t a lot 1993 bottles for a fair price available here in the Netherlands, but maybe that’s just what’s interesting about this hunt. This Coopers Choice Glen Keith 1993 Madeira finish was a no-brainer on the outside, but I didn’t really know what to expect, here’s how that turned out:

Tasting notes


Lemongrass, fresh salmon, curry and wine gums, a bit odd on the nose with pineapple, mint and a bit ‘muddy’ as well.


Rich and dry, with pineapples, wine gums and woody notes. Very oily on the palate.


A fresh and dry finish, pineapple comes around once again. Citrus, Oreo biscuits and fruitcake to top it off.

This bottle went down very quick. I saved a dram or 3 so it gets the funeral it deserves. I just need to buy a few more 1993 bottles and have the discipline to keep them closed. Now tell me, do you have any bottles with your year of birth on it? And do you keep them closed?

Glen Keith 22yo 1993-2015 Cooper’s Choice