25 January 2021

Caol Ila Distillers Edition 2003/2015

When it comes to peated whisky, there are several drams that quench our thirst. But the Caol Ila distillery always feels a bit special for us. The strange thing is, we can’t give you valid reasons for that. Yes, they’ve released some beautiful expressions over the years, and indeed, their distillery is absolutely exquisite. But still, it is just one of many. Or is it?

Take this Caol Ila Moscatel, for me (Dion) it was love at first sight. The design, the story, the finish (you had me at Moscatel). This is an absolute original, one of a kind whisky. I just can’t explain where exactly the love comes from but I think that this is a stunning dram. On the other hand, I will agree 100% with anyone who says that this is just an ordinary whisky. Let’s take a look at the tasting notes:

Tasting notes


Watercolour paint, that’s for sure. Apple crumble, rosehip, minerals and butter. Citrus and iodine for a spicy side.


Sea spray, extinguished campfire, peaches, rose, incense and orange zest.


A spicy finish with citrus, sea spray, butter, lavender, mahogany wood and barley.

Everytime we pour this dram, it delivers. And I think that is just what you need during several
occasions. It has some of these Port Charlotte / Octomore vibes, without exaggeration. This is also one of the very few Distillers Editions who are actually better than the original flagship in my opinion.

What are your experiences with Distillers Editions and in particular this Caol Ila?

Caol Ila Distillers Edition 2003/2015