23 July 2018

Bowmore vibes

Now imagine this, the sun on your face, you can feel the sea breeze from Loch Indaal through your hair, the view is amazing and one of the finest whiskies is only one step away. Sounds like a dream right?

It becomes reality when you visit the Bowmore Distillery, getting your hand-filled bottle at the shop, sharing a wee dram at their beautiful bar, feeling, smelling and tasting the barley during the tour, daydreaming in the Vault where Loch Indaal knocks on the door, or on the wall, in this case.

And when we’re pouring ourself a dram of Bowmore, every sip immediately takes us back to this beautiful village. So why don’t we? If you want to know what this distillery exclusive bottle tastes like, check out our post from May 3rd.

Have you ever been to Bowmore? Or are you planning to? Let us know, we’d love to hear your stories!