Àlainn 27 Year Old 1989 – The Vatting by Murray McDavid

What we have here is a very special and dangerously drinkable Islay blended malt by Murray McDavid. A vatting of Bowmore and Laphroaig from 1989, having matured for at least 27 years. My guess, based on the taste, is that it’s predominantly Bowmore, there are some hints of Laphroaig,...

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The whisky journey

What’s so beautiful about whisky? Let me try to explain what it is for me (Dennis). But first, here’s how it all began: We started drinking whisk(e)y just for fun. Jack Daniel’s, Famous Grouse, some Grant’s and White Lion… you know the drill. Until I bought my very first...

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Bowmore Vault Edition – First Release

If there’s one Islay distillery which appeals to the imagination it must be Bowmore. We were one of the lucky guys who got the chance to visit the distillery back in 2018. Bowmore’s marketing strategy is on point, it was one of the distilleries I was really looking forward to.

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The visit of ‘Uncle’ Big Peat

Last week we were pleasantly surprised with the visit of our ‘Uncle’ Big Peat, arranged by our friends of De Monnik Dranken. So a huge thanks to them for hooking us up! We figured the best thing we can do with an uncle you haven’t seen in a long...

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Bowmore 10yo – Dark & Intense

The struggle is real. We love Bowmore in general, but this ‘Dark & Intense’ isn’t as dark and certainly not as intense as Bowmore pretends it to be.

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Bowmore Cask Strength

Bowmore and the taste of kiwi, to me they are inseparable. I’ve tasted lots of different Bowmores, but this one thing always keeps coming back. It took me a while though, it was just this spark of enlightenment some years ago, when I tried to figure out what that specific note tastes like.

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Bowmore 10yo Tempest Batch IV

A whisky that captures the spirit of Bowmore perfectly, that’s what I’d like to call this Tempest Batch IV.

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Bowmore vibes

Now imagine this, the sun on your face, you can feel the sea breeze from Loch Indaal through your hair, the view is amazing and one of the finest whiskies is only one step away. Sounds like a dream right?

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Rime of the ancient mariner

What does Iron Maiden have to do with whisky I hear you ask. Well, let’s sit down for a moment and emerge in this great musical experience…

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Bowmore Warehousemen’s Selection 2017 – Distillery Exclusive

We made love to Bowmore, we visited her distillery and the final result: tasting notes of the 17yo Distillery Exclusive from 2017.

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