12 January 2019

The Arran 14yo

A fruit cocktail in a bottle, this is one of those underdogs, which might steal your heart when you try it.

I first tasted this on the boat to Islay, and while the week was dominated by peated violence, this Arran 14yo stuck with me. So immediately after arriving at home, I bought be a bottle and boy was I happy when I realized it was really this tasty, and not only on that particular moment on the boat when everything tasted extra special.

Tasting notes


First on the nose: a tropical tornado of pineapple, peaches, pear and fudge.


The palate brings more sweetness, with another hint of pineapple and lots of soft, creamy and lightly salted fruits. Melon, canned peaches and white grapes.


The finish is full, sweet and lengthy, warm, earthy and very fruity.

My first Arran was the cask strength Machrie Moor, of which I think is a must-have too. This 14yo felt like an unpeated, even better balanced equivalent. And that at 46% ABV.

My enthusiasm for The Arran is on fire, so expect more to be covered soon. How do you guys feel about Arran?