25 September 2019

Amrut Fusion

Two worlds collide with the Amrut Fusion, which is made of barley from India and Scotland. An interesting concept, since the origins of barley and its influence on the taste is often neglected.

So far Amrut, a Indian distillery, has never disappointed us. Offering a variety of solid and well affordable single malts and making use of the warm and dry climate, they definitely offer something different. Because of the climate in Bangladore, Amrut whiskies reach their peak at around four years, which is  obviously much faster than their Scottish counterparts.

Amrut Fusion is bottled at 50% ABV, has no age statement and goes for around € 50

Tasting notes


Band aid, smoke, hay, malted barley, a cigar box and a hint of citrus.


Full and juicy, smoked barley, a bit farmy too. And then there’s perfumed wood, rose water and coffee, which make this an exotic experience.


The finish is a continuation of the palate, with the addition of rose hip, smoked pineapple, lemon grass, pepper and spices to top it off.

The Fusion can be a bit harsh at first, but a little warmth does wonders. It really is a fusion of two worlds. Classic Scotch notes, combined with a good portion of exotic flavours. It offers something unique and is affordable at the same time, so you might guess our conclusion: this is a must-try!