30 December 2018

Welcoming 2019 with Port Askaig 19

And as we move towards the last hours of 2018 and the reflections have been done, it’s time to look forward. Which beautiful whiskies will we encounter in the everchanging landscape? And what trips are we going to make?

To speak for myself (Dennis), I learned a lot this year. I learned how wonderful this whisky community is, of which we didn’t even knew it exists before February. We were welcomed in an instant, and that means a lot to me. I learned how our tasting notes helped people appreciating their whiskies even more, and your comments gave us fresh insights in return. I learned a bit more about photography. Starting with our iPhones, then I took out my good old Nikon 1, which served me well, before switching to a proper DSLR last month. I also learned that family and friend are most important. We’ve met a lot of new friends online, but also offline on our tastings. Some of you even took the trouble of traveling to the Netherlands to be part of one, incredible!

Speaking of family, many of you might know by now, that I all started this with Dion (Dion), my brother in law. While he chose to be less active on the foreground, he plays a huge role being the ‘consultant behind the consultant’, often feeding me with resourceful insights and feedback. Not to forget being a good critic when tasting our whiskies and adding structure to our live tastings. So thanks buddy, let’s make 2019 a killer year, personally and professionally!

Let’s end the year with answering the eternal question “but how does it taste?”. Welcome 2019 with this Port Askaig 19yo:

Tasting notes


Fishy, fruity, lemons and smoked meat.


Soft and smooth, sweet sweet barley, mineral and fruity, lemon, fresh sweetness.


Smoked ham, sweet, a subtle whiff of smoke and plenty of fruits and oils.

Welcoming 2019 with Port Askaig 19