16 November 2022

Littlemill 45 years 1976 – 2022 – 250th Anniversary

We already considered ourselves lucky for being provided multiple opportunities to taste whiskies we never tried before. But this tops it all: a taste of a Littlemill 45yo 1967-2022. Bottled for what should’ve been their 250th Anniversary, if the distillery would still exist.

I’m 32 years old myself, and I’m finding it mind boggling that there are whiskies which are many years older than me. The spirit was already at a very decent age when I was born, and then rested patiently in its barrel through my whole youth, a first kiss, a first ride, a wedding and the birth of my two daughters. Let that sink in! 

You can imagine that the thought of spilling a drop of it is giving us anxiety, so we waited till the right moment. What is the right moment? Well, we have our methods. There are some bottles in our cabinet that we don’t like too much, but at some rare occasions they manage to excel. And when one of those drams do, we know: bring out the special stuff!

And so we did, we carefully poured this little feller, that was bottled at 41.8%, and entered another dimension of time and taste:

Tasting notes


Nice aromas of autumn rise from the glass: chestnuts, leaves, rosehip, blueberries and aniseed. It’s incredibly fruity and well blended, with peaches, coconut, white chocolate, banana and a touch of iron. You wouldn’t guess this is 45 years old, considering the lively character of it. Very nice!


Creamy mouthfeel, nice layers of soft wood and toasted oak, there’s a touch of old books before continuing with the coconut, white chocolate and chestnuts.


The finish is wonderful, it reminds of older Bowmore. With tropical fruits, kiwi and metallic notes. It incredibly fruity, lots of cooked fruits. You can tell its very mature, but it’s far from old and musty! It dries into a sweet whiff of chestnuts and mixed nuts.

This, this is what makes our hearts beat faster. Even when it’s just a few drops.

Littlemill 45 years 1976 – 2022 – 250th Anniversary