17 February 2021

Kamiki Blended Malt Whisky

Last week we reviewed Umiki Japanese Whisky by Yoshino Spirits. Now, over to a whisky from the same stable: Kamiki Blended Malt Whisky, bottled at 48% ABV. The world’s first Yoshino-Sugi (Japanese Cedar) cask finish whisky brand. A massive thanks once again to Yoshino Spirits for providing this bottle. Make sure you check out our review about the Umiki whisky too!

We were very interested when this bottle arrived a while ago, we haven’t discovered a lot when it comes to Japanese whisky so we were very keen to check it out. The fact this whisky is finished on Japanese Cedar makes it even more interesting. It is a lot of fun to see what influence different types of wood has on a whisky. Here’s how that went:

Tasting notes


Cedar is definitely in there so they did a good thing, cigar boxes, mocha and earthy notes at first. Paper mill, glue, curry and a bit peppery as well.


Cedar wood once again, pepper, mulch and popcorn on the palate for a strong and spicy taste.


Like walking in a tobacconist, butter, (black) tea, pineapple and a mango smoothie to top it off.

A very mature blend in our opinion, it has enough to offer and it makes us very curious of the other Kamiki expressions, they do a lot of different things to their whisky when it comes to maturation and finishes, as you can find on their website. It is nice to see that a brand takes the leap to try other things and walk the road only a few have ever done before. We’re looking forward to what has yet to come! Cheers.

Kamiki Blended Malt Whisky