11 June 2018

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Cask Exploration 20 Valinch

Leaving Kilchoman behind, we went on to our last stop on our trip: Bruichladdich. Again, we squeezed this one into our schedule, so no tour.

But at Laddie, you don’t get the change to get thirsty, because right on our arrival, we were asked to sit down and we were poured a nice glass of the latest Bruichladdich and Port Charlotte Valinch bottlings. These are hand filled and only available at the distillery. The Laddie shop is very cool, they’ve every current bottle for you to taste and the staff makes you feel very welcome. Compared to the other distilleries, Laddie felt very modern and creative, trendy if you will. So this was a good place to sit back and review our trip and the drams we were poured.

The Port Charlotte (obviously peated) whisky has matured for 10 years on a 1st fill Pomerol cask. An exciting experiment! So let’s dive right into our notes:

Tasting notes


Sweet smoked ham, dried orchard fruits


Smooth, full and warming, it’s malty and spicy, with cracked pepper


Maltesers, salty, strong malty peatsmoke and a tail of spicy oak

It’s a bit harsh at first, but it opens up quite nicely. The Bruichladdich Valinch (#34, 2nd fill bourbon) was a lot harsher, so when revisiting the Port Charlotte after the Laddie, the fruity notes were more present. To be honest, the whisky didn’t taste as special as we’d hoped it would be. Have you tried it? And if so, what do you think?

Tomorrow we’ll be back with our notes of the Bruichladdich Valinch #34 and we’ll tell you a bit more about the distillery.

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Cask Exploration 20 Valinch